Donnerstag, 30. April 2015

Market Place on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SSC) - An Information Hub on Smart Cities

Today we would like to inform you on a great opportunity where you can learn and exchange knowledge about Smart Cities! The online platform Market Place of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SSC) at has been designed for everyone who is active in the area of smart cities and who seeks information about past, present and future activities in this field in Europe.

The EIP-SSC brings together cities, industry and citizens in order to improve urban life and make it more sustainable through applied innovation, better planning, a more participatory approach, higher energy efficiency, better transport solutions etc. The Market Place of the EIP-SSC works as an information hub on the topic of smart cities in Europe where one can find news, events and documents related to smart cities. It offers the opportunity to find completed or ongoing projects, potential partners and peers trough a search function where one can search all members by name country or area of interest. Furthermore information on funding sources on EU, national and regional level that are relevant to innovation in smart cities can be found or can be added to the website if they are not listed. The Market Place of the EIP-SSC may also serve as a tool to promote projects, events or publications or to debate and ask questions.

The Market Place of the EIP-SSC divides the large field of innovation in smart cities into six topical areas which are called “Action clusters”. These clusters bundle the information exchange and activities confined to specific issues. The six action clusters are:

•    Business Models, Finance and Procurement
•    Citizen Focus
•    Integrated Infrastructures & Processes (including Open Data)
•    Policy & Regulations / Integrated Planning
•    Sustainable Districts and Built Environment
•    Sustainable Urban Mobility

In the section called “Priority Areas” the Market Place identifies further areas of interest in the field of smart cities. So far eleven priority areas have been identified, however only six of them are presently being covered by Action clusters since these areas receive the greatest commitment by the members. In addition the Market Place of the EIP-SSC offers an interactive map to navigate the available information.

PLEEC project cannot be missing here: Find PLEEC on the Market Place of the EIP-SSC at the “EU projects” section! In brief also the project results will feed into this important website!
Try it out: