Dienstag, 23. Juni 2015

PLEEC Open-space meeting “Energy efficiency in cities” to take place in Vienna

Hi guys, 
back to PLEEC project today: We´d like to proudly announce a special public PLEEC session!

The open-space meeting "Energy efficiency in cities - monitoring of energy related urban development with special focus on quality of life" will take place on 30 june 2015 bringing together Smart Cities in Austria and the EU in order to share information on energy efficiency in cities and initiate learning processes. 

During the event, short presentations in form of posters will be given by the PLEEC cities on the current status of their Action Plans for becoming an Energy-Smart City as well as ideas on the data situation / monitoring of cities. Furthermore, Austrian Smart Cities as well as various experts on energy efficient urban development will give insights into strategies for measuring energy situations.
The event is organized by our PLEEC partner Vienna University of Technology together with the Austrian Climate and Energy Funds in cooperation with the Austrian Association of Cities and takes place at KLIEN (Klima- und Energiefonds), Gumpendorferstraße 5/22, 1060 Vienna

In order to ensure an efficient use of time and travel budgets, we will of course connect the public meeting to an internal project partner meeting - taking place on 29 june - where we will discuss the final results of Work Packages 3-5, the status of the model for energy efficiency planning and the cities´ Energy Efficiency Action Plans. It is also aspired to work on a monitoring system for energy efficiency.

You can download the invitation to the open-space meeting at the PLEEC project website: