Mittwoch, 27. Januar 2016

Time to get to know a new partner...!

Today we gonna present you our highly appreciated partner Delft University of Technology!

Delft University of Technology (DUT) has 5,000 employees and around 20,000 students that can choose from 16 bachelor studies and 35 master courses. It consists of 8 faculties in technical sciences, including the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. This faculty has an extensive portfolio of research on the built environment and in particular addressing issues of sustainable development of cities and regions. Two departments within the faculty are involved in PLEEC: the Department of Urbanism and OTB – Research for the Built Environment (in short: OTB).

The Department of Urbanism is committed to an international perspective. The research focuses on developing and testing new instruments, methods and principals for urban and landscape analysis and design; climate adaptation; evaluating and formulating strategic projects, accelerating the sustainable development of the cities; developing and comparing planning instruments and strategies, as well as design & history.

OTB is a research department within the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. OTB’s core activities regard various aspects of the built environment, including housing, urban renewal, urban and regional development and sustainable building. 
For the PLEEC project, OTB’s contribution is especially focussed on planning issues, governance structures and energy efficiency. As for the latter subject, both technical and behavioural issues are addressed.

Because of its broad expertise, Delft University of Technology is represented in all Work Packages of the project. Nevertheless, there is a certain emphasis on Work Package 4, in which the structure driven efficiency potentials within urban planning play a central role.