Donnerstag, 14. April 2016

Time for the final results..

... although the Final Conference is already over, we would like to take up the opportunity to dedicate one own contribution on this blog to our core project outputs  as these represent the "fruits" of three years intensive project work.

First of all, all PLEEC cities´ have developed and finalized their Energy Efficiency Action Plans (EEAP´s). The plans have integrated the individually best matching solutions from WP3, 4, and 5 into a strategic approach and will guide the cities on their way to become energy smart.

All EEAP´s can be downloaded at the project website at:

Based on the experiences made throughout the project´s lifetime, the PLEEC model on energy efficiency and sustainable city planning has been developed.
It is a guide for European city planners how to successfully develop an Energy Efficiency Action Plan. The guide consists of the PLEEC partners´ joint experiences from developing six EEAPs. By taking part of the model content, through literature studies, checklists, movies and city partners´ advice, the reader gets a strong base to initiate the Action Plan. One of the lessons from PLEEC project is that understanding local conditions in different cities is key to developing an EEAP which can be successfully implemented. No action can be copied from one city to another but by sharing experiences we can come a long way towards a more energy efficient future.


Check out the PLEEC model here: