Dienstag, 21. Juli 2015

The Energy Globe Award

Hello everybody!

Get yourself prepared to read about the promising  Energy Globe Award

The Energy Globe Award is an environmental award that honours projects from all over the world which conserve and protect resources or employ renewable energy. The Award presents successful sustainable projects to a broad audience and thereby shows and informs about good and feasible solutions that already exist for many of our environmental problems. With some 800 submissions from 177 countries annually the award ranks amongst the most prestigious environmental awards worldwide. 

Everyone individual, private or public institution, companies, NGOs, etc. are eligible to submit a project to the Energy Globe Award and the submission is free of charge. Applicants can either be awarded with the International Energy Globe Awards the so called World Award or the National (country) Energy Globe Awards. 

The World Award has the five categories earth, fire, water, air and youth. In the category Fire, for instance, all projects which concern energy production, the use of renewable fuels, energy distribution and transport, energy utilization and energy optimization and efficiency are eligible for submission. In the category Air the focus is on projects involving optimization of combustion processes, reduction of greenhouse gases or emissions, indoor air quality and other projects that contribute to improving air quality or avoiding CO2-emmissions. The 1st price winners of each category are awarded a price of 10.000 €.
The National Energy Globe Awards are given to the best project submissions from a country focusing on energy efficiency, renewable energies and the conservation of resources.

The evaluation of the submitted projects is carried out by a jury of five internationally well known members that are all well acquainted in the field of environmental sustainability. The Award winners benefit from the award by receiving broad public and international attention that often generates great opportunities for them to carry on and expand their important work. Also it informs others about the manifold and creative solutions that already exist to tackle environmental problems and make life more comfortable and sustainable. 

Further information on the award and how to participate can be acquired on the website http://www.energyglobe.info/
The website also contains a project database listing all internationally and nationally awarded projects with project descriptions.