Donnerstag, 8. August 2013

PLEEC Objectives

After having learned what is PLEEC project about, it is now time to concentrate on the objectives of the project - what PLEEC is specifically aiming to reach:

The overall goal of PLEEC project is to minimize the waste of energy in the most cost efficient way. This will be reached by addressing energy flows and finding energy efficiency potentials within the main city key aspects - being the basis for the model for sustainable energy efficiency planning. Moreover, in order to tackle the lack of strategic energy efficiency planning, PLEEC project puts the focus on integrative planning
In detail, the objectives of PLEEC are:
  • To assess the energy-saving solutions and potentials to be integrated in a comprehensive city planning
  • To demonstrate how integrative planning is more efficient than separate measures
  • To develop a synergized model for energy efficiency planning by considering the energy efficiency potential of city key aspects
  • To create Action Plans for the energy smart city to be presented to decision-makers in the cities
  • To identify the future research agenda on the issue of energy-smart cities
A special feature of PLEEC project is the heterogeneous partnership, comprising six cities, nine universities and three industry partners from 13 different European countries, which allows the integration of different perspectives, interests and approaches thereby securing an integrative and holistic approach.
By connecting scientific excellence and innovative enterprises in the energy sector with ambitious and well-organized cities, PLEEC project will reduce energy use in Europe in the near future being therewith an important tool contributing to the EU’s 20-20-20 targets.

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