Donnerstag, 6. März 2014

Another day, another project partner we would proudly like to present you: In the folllowing you can learn more about University of Ljubljana - enjoy reading!

The University of Ljubljana was established in 1919. With more than 43.000 graduate and postgraduate students and approx. 4000 higher education teachers and research associates in 19 faculties, 3 arts academies and one university college it ranks as the largest university in Slovenia. It practices basic, applied and development research and promotes interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary studies and cooperation with various other institutions in both the public and private sectors, with the government and local authorities, and with civil institutions in Slovenia and abroad.
As one of the project partners of PLEEC project the Chair of Spatial Planning - being part of the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering (UL-FGG) - is actively contributing to PLEEC project, especially in relation to WP2 (Smart City Profiles), WP6 (Synergy of perspectives and action plan) and WP7 (Dissemination). These are mainly dealing with the performance of the six middle-sized European PLEEC cities and their profiles revealing specific opportunities and threats on their innovation journey to become sustainable, energy efficient and smart cities.

A great partner to contribute to the goals of PLEEC!

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