Dienstag, 9. Dezember 2014

Although the year is coming to an end, all our partners are working actively at the fulfilment of their tasks! We use the opportunity to present you here a further industry partner who is mainly contributing to Work Package 3 “Technology driven efficiency potentials” - SMART Technologies Association (SMARTTA).

Smart technologies association SMARTTA (LT)As a voluntary association of legal entities SMART Technologies Association is dealing with the economic and technical advancement of the smart technology sector. The aim of the association is to combine companies which relate their activities with smart technologies and associated members as well as scientific and educational institutions.

In our PLEEC project SMARTTA is represented by employee-specialists of association members. Their widespread experience in different energy sectors such as water, heat and electricity, in developing transport communication and the application of smart technologies is adjuvant and essential for the project progress. During the project, SMARTTA will coordinate and organize the efforts of these specialists in order to ensure that solutions are covering the city key aspects as much as possible and are in accordance with the project requirements.

These are some of the cluster members: LEI (Lithuania Energy Institute), Schneider Electric Lithuania Ltd., Aedilis Ltd., EICenergy Ltd., FIMA, ENSO, Elgama Elektronika Ltd., Elgama Sistemos Ltd, Kaunas University of Technology, REMC etc.

In the PLEEC project, SMARTTA is mainly included in Work Package 3 (“Technology driven efficiency potentials”). The main task is to find technical state-of-art solutions for energy efficiency and saving potentials in the cities, to adapt the technologies to the different cities and to investigate how the different solutions could be implemented on a larger scale.

We are glad to have SMARTTA on board - a partner who is giving great knowledge input into the PLEEC project due to the different profiles and expertise of its various members!

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