Freitag, 30. Januar 2015

Green Capital award 2015 goes to Bristol!

Bristol is the 2015´s Green Capital of Europe! And this seems to be deserved: 

Bristol Winning City logoWith its high investments in transport and energy efficiency, the city, located in the south west of England, could consistently reduce the carbon emissions since 2005, also with 4.7 % growth in the green economy. Besides the green economy, Bristol is the UK’s greenest city with very good air quality. The number of cyclists doubled during the recent years and the ambitious goals are to double them again until 2020. With regeneration projects Bristol was able to clean and open areas for habitation which were formerly polluted by the industry.

According to the Jury “Bristol [shows] a high level of achievement across the board. Bristol is an innovator in terms of the green economy, with a powerful communication strategy and the commitment and enthusiasm required to develop its role as a model for Europe.”

The European Green Capital Award is granted every year to a city which shows best practice in environmentally beneficial performances. The improvement of the environment in urban areas gets more and more important with two thirds of all Europeans living in towns and cities. In these urban areas most environmental challenges concentrate and need to be faced with commitment and innovation, as demonstrated by the European Green Capitals. 

Cities winning the European Green Capital award are cities with promising strategies - and great motivation and inspiration for the PLEEC cities!

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